How To Style An Acrylic Bar Cart

An acrylic bar cart converts any space in the living room into a popular pit stop for all present at the party. The cocktail culture’s return stimulates the necessity for anyone wanting to host a party to own an acrylic bar cart. An acrylic bar cart allows its owner to go wild when deciding on how to style it instead of stacking the cart with bottles and setting it up against a wall. An acrylic bar cart comes in handy because it allows you to display your prowess, exquisite glassware, and brand of spirits for all to see.

Ideas on how to style your acrylic bar cart

Place some recipe books in the cart.

Books are an excellent way of decorating a cart or any other surface because they add interest and color. Take note to place some vintage cocktail books on the cart is lower level so that the vast knowledge of cocktail making will be at your disposal whenever you need it.

Put a green touch to it.

It is essential to consider that even a bar cart needs some life added to it. Some greenery or fresh flowers are a fantastic notion to implement, be it on a table, desk, or bar cart. Sprucing-up items are a fantastic method of bringing the outdoors indoors while infusing a happy color into the mix. One should consider the growth of herbs like basil, mint, or rosemary. Be sure to add a bouquet for events or even decide to put a plant permanently on the cart.

To add interest, accessorize the bar cart

The sole purpose of the above factor is to add some sense of style to the bar cart. Texture, pattern, and color are all vital elements one considers when deciding to style their cart. Items like custom coasters and colorful straws guarantee that people will complement your accessorizing skills because your signature styling adds flair and beauty to the cart. Additionally, cocktail napkins made of cloth go a long way in decorating your cart. Vintage bar items such as picks or cocktail stir also do an excellent job of complementing your bar cart.

Buy drinks from local vendors.

When you hunt for a liqueur, you should look past the conventional bottles spotted on every shelf. Buying alcohol from local vendors can result in you saving a pretty penny but managing to secure unique and delicious spirits.


One does not have to ensure that every inch of the bar cart is loaded with bottles. You need to stay on point and ascertain that the bar cart packed with all the essentials required for the occasion. There is no need to pressure yourself into buying fancy drinks. Just buy some quality classic liqueur and fabulous glassware, and get ready for you and your guests to have a good time. On the bright side, spending less on alcohol gives you room to buy top-notch spirits.


When selecting the ideal bar cart, you should make sure to choose one that meets your storage requirements. For instance, those favoring wine would want a cart with an in-built wine rack whereas those with less space can choose one with room for hanging glasses.



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