The Best Ways to Take Maintenance of Your Dry Aging Cabinet

Restocking perishables in a refrigerator may not be the best way to keep them in tip-top shape. A Dry Aged Meat Fridge is likely always on if you use it as much as we do. If you take the time to age your meat correctly, you may reduce the wear and tear on your refrigerator.

Keeping your dry age cabinet clean and well-maintained is especially crucial if you use it as frequently as we do. In addition, keeping up with routine maintenance is an excellent method to reduce the fridge’s “wear and tear,” extending its life and ensuring its smooth operation. Our meat-ageing refrigerator will perform at its peak if you follow these instructions.

This article aims to provide readers with our best advice for maintaining and cleaning a dry-age refrigerator so they can avoid damaging their appliances.

Free of Microbes:

The drying process is a chemical one. Breaking down enzymes creates “good” bacteria, making the meat tender and flavorful. However, “bad” bacterial strains might also develop if the ready-to-use cabinet is not kept in a sanitary and climate-controlled environment. Before the meat even reaches full maturity, it is ruined.

Appropriate Settings:

Dry ageing is best carried out in a temperature-controlled environment of two degrees and a humidity level of 85%. However, it’s not easy to manufacture the perfect environment. This is why Dry Ager is so common in smaller restaurants and homes; it doesn’t require a water supply.

The Dry Ager automatically disinfects the air in the tire cabinet using a sophisticated ventilation system. Even when the cabinet is opened, there is no change in the microclimate. Dry ageing is sure to succeed with this method.

Proper Care:

Superior equipment requires careful handling. Equipment will be more reliable and valuable as a result. A spotless instrument is essential for successful dry cleaning in a storage cabinet. As a result, keeping the Dry Ager clean consistently is essential.

The Dry Ager’s argument is compelling not only because of its depth but also because of its exterior. Because of its sleek stainless steel construction and glass door, it also stands out visually. On the other hand, the chosen materials have an attractive appearance and the benefit of being simple to maintain.

Hygienic Working:

If they aren’t cleansed first, automatic air sterilization and a lightning-fast dry ager are useless. This is the only way to ensure that the meat remains free of any bacteria that could grow in the fermented cabinet.

  • There should be no drastic shifts in temperature while transporting the meat.
  • Cut surfaces and instruments should be sterilized before use.
  • Put on gloves before touching the meat.
  • Protective gear includes goggles to guard the eyes and a hood or hairnet to keep hair out of the way.

Bottom Line:

Ensure enough room between the meat pieces when hanging them in the fridge. Dry ageing, sometimes called dry maturation, requires that water be able to drain out of muscle tissue to be effective. Additionally, evaporation is stifled by high levels of humidity. Meat that has not been adequately dried will rot from the inside out. Therefore, maximum humidity of 85% has proven to be effective.



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