Tips For Buying A Colored Human Hair Wig

Human hair wigs are available in different colors besides the usual black and brown. Alternatively, unlike synthetic wigs, you can easily dye them to your preferred shade. There is always something for everyone, whether you want a wig that matches your natural hair color or something different. Most human hair wig styles come in a range of colors, making the selection process challenging. Many factors influence your choice of colored wigs, and you shouldn’t overlook them. Below are tips for buying colored human hair wigs.

How to choose colored human hair wigs

Choosing a wig shade that flatters you and complements things like your eye color and skin tone is vital. Colored wigs enable you to look your best and have the advantage of wearing something in the shade you want without chemically destroying your natural hair. The following are factors you should consider;

Stick to shades closer to your natural color for a start

Some people can go all the way out by wearing very light or bold colors like blue, grey, red, etc., and still, look good. However, this move isn’t for everyone, especially if you’ve never had colored hair before. Don’t go straight into colors two or more shades darker or lighter than your natural hair. The best choice is to get something similar to your hair for a start and gradually change it as your confidence grows.

Choose something that complements your skin tone

Your skin tone should be a top consideration when selecting a colored human hair wig. Failing to consider how your skin looks often leads to wrong wig choices. Your skin tone has a tendency to fade as you age, so don’t have colored wigs for years as they may not suit you as before. Choose wigs slightly lighter than your skin tone or a color close to it to brighten your complexion. The entire look makes you look more youthful and pleasing. Colors that strongly contrast your skin tone draw more attention to your face.

Consider your hair color as a child

Like skin tone, hair color may change with time. Your hair color has most probably changed from what it was when you were younger. Individuals with blonde hair as kids can easily rock that wig shade and look nice. Also, if you were a redhead, a ginger wig would suit you as an adult. If your skin tone and hair color have changed, choose a slightly darker shade than what you had as a child to match your current look.

Consider highlights

You can choose a wig with highlights instead of buying a fully colored wig. Highlight wigs come in various shades to give a natural-looking color. A red or brown wig works well with copper highlights, while blonde ones look good with honey tones.

In summary,

Wearing colored human hair wigs helps change your look instantly while protecting your natural hair. Many wig shades are available, and it’s impossible to look good in all of them. Consider your skin tone, eye color, hair color, and highlights if interested when buying. As a beginner, go for natural hair-looking colors, slightly darker or lighter shades, and change them progressively. Lastly, ensure the color you choose is the best match for you.




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