What is a Floating Shoe Display

A floating shoe display is created so you can flaunt your favorite shoes (or other stuff) to the world. The integrated LED light and 360-degree rotation allow you to display your cherished possession from every angle. Makes use of a powerful magnet that can be inserted into the shoe’s heel with relative ease.

The shoe’s built-in fan employs a tiny air vent to keep your foot in constant rotation, allowing you to glide indefinitely. Upon unpacking, you can use the shoe display stand right away and hold your shoes up to size 13.

Amazing Features of Floating Shoe Display

Electromagnetic levitation and float technologies were used in the construction of the floating shoe display. The ideal fusion of modern living with electromagnetic technology.

The magnetic levitating shoe display is stylish and practical for displaying your footwear at trade shows, exhibitions, and shoe stores. When people notice it, it might easily draw their attention.

With the help of this superb floating shoe stand, you can create a novel and ground-breaking exhibition for your sneakers!

Your customers will be impressed by this display of levitating sneakers, and they’ll come in through the store window every time they pass by. The levitating shoe stand accommodates shoes up to US size 13. The display stands inside height is 350mm. It can hold between 350 and 550 grams.

It can float a variety of shoes, including children’s shoes, high heels, and sneakers. The magnetic levitation platform has a white LED light that, at night, may illuminate the area around you and your shoes to make them more attractive and shinier.

With materials that will last the test of time, we have created an exceptional magnetic levitating stand. Strong magnets are used in this sneaker exhibit, and they won’t lose their magnetism with time.

  • Built-in LED lights.
  • A strong and long-lasting design.
  • Lifts the shoe off the ground using electromagnetic.
  • Built-in fan rotates the sneaker while it’s in the air.
  • Simple to use.

How Does it Work?

Your sneaker will spin quickly with the assistance of the magnetic motor in this floating sneaker display. And this sneaker exhibit’s amazing LED lights complete the display for the overall effect.

This floating shoe display suspends the product using an eddy current produced by a high-frequency electromagnetic field, drawing attention from onlookers. Silent operation and a display that can rotate 360 degrees are highlights of the magnetic shoe display!

Why do you need this one? Even if the shoe is hit accidentally and slides away from the suspension track in the wrong direction, it will not fall to the ground. The floating sneaker display contains an automated protective function that causes it to cease suspending and adhere to the display rack. The stand has the capacity to hold sneakers weighing up to 500 grams.

A levitating shoe display is exactly what you need for your retail store, office, or even the inside of your own home. Magnets are used in the shoe exhibit to give the illusion that the shoes are floating in the air.



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